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Lion Al-lat at Palmyra
[ezcol_1fifth]  Editorial Staff  4 November 2015 [/ezcol_1fifth] [ezcol_4fifth_end] WASP and UNESCO to 3D print what was destroyed by ISIS Last day of Maker Faire Rome, Italian politician Rutelli announced the collaboration with WASP and UNESCO to give Sirya’s and Iraq’s cultural heritage back to humanity. After presenting its 12 meter house printer Big Delta […]

WASP and UNESCO to 3D print what was destroyed by ISIS

Students at "Semana i"
[ezcol_1fifth]  Carlos Torreblanca Contributor  5 October 2015 [/ezcol_1fifth] [ezcol_4fifth_end] 3D printing to train future biomedical engineers at Monterrey Technological Institute, Mexico University students from across Mexico joined together in one big week of pure innovation with great ideas for neurological patients. Monterrey Technological Institute (ITESM) is one of the most prestigious universities in […]

3D printing to train future biomedical engineers

Gray Headphone
[ezcol_1fifth]  Jori van der Kolk Contributor  1 October 2015 [/ezcol_1fifth] [ezcol_4fifth_end] Usable DIY Headphone right out of your 3D printer Print+, a Dutch start-up, has designed a 3D printable headphone. It has recently launched a Kickstarter campaign that has already reached its goal with still 13 days to go. I often […]

DIY Headphone right out of your 3D printer

Nasa 3d-printed habitat challenge - Ice House
[ezcol_1fifth]  Editorial Staff  28 September 2015 [/ezcol_1fifth] [ezcol_4fifth_end] From New York to Mars: NASA proclaims the winning designs of the 3D-Printed Habitat Challenge at World Maker Faire 2015 After a 5-month selection process, NASA’s Mars habitat design competition reached its conclusion yesterday. The winners were announced and rewarded with prizes up […]

NASA 3D-Printed Habitat Challenge at World Maker Faire

Olo 3D printer
[ezcol_1fifth]  Editorial Staff  17 September 2015 [/ezcol_1fifth] [ezcol_4fifth_end] Meet Olo:  a 3D Printer for smartphones Italian company Solido3D has designed OLO, a 3D printer for smartphones. It will be presented at the World Maker Faire in New York and the company will soon launch a Kickstarter campaign for industrial development. Besides […]

Meet Olo: a 3D printer for smartphones

3D printed skull
[ezcol_1fifth]  Editorial Staff  10 September 2015 [/ezcol_1fifth] [ezcol_4fifth_end] 3D technology has changed the future of medicine Nowadays, 3D technology is applied in many fields, from industrial production, through fashion, to the food industry. It is in medicine, however, that 3D technology shows its potential at its best. At the beginning of […]

3D technology has changed the future of medicine

3D printed yearbook
[ezcol_1fifth]  Carlos Torreblanca Contributor  3 September 2015 [/ezcol_1fifth] [ezcol_4fifth_end] A very special yearbook Mexican company TechMind created a yearbook for blind students using 3D scanning and printing. For the last couple of months, I have been working on a project for TechMind, the company I run, which distributes 3D printers and […]

A very special yearbook

DittoPro 3D Printer
[ezcol_1fifth]  Carlos Torreblanca Contributor  6 August 2015 [/ezcol_1fifth] [ezcol_4fifth_end] DittoPro 3D printer by Tinkerine – an in-depth review I want to talk about a particular 3D printer – the DittoPro 3D printer. The reason for it is that I have used it in a more unusual way and I have seen […]

DittoPro 3D printer by Tinkerine – Review

Sune Perseden on the 3D printed electric skateboard
[ezcol_1fifth]  Editorial Staff  30 July 2015 [/ezcol_1fifth] [ezcol_4fifth_end] Build your own app-controlled 3D printed electric skateboard during the Faraday Motion’s live-streamed workshop Faraday Motion is an international team of engineers, makers, and designers, who share the ambitious mission to make personal electric vehicles easily accessible to urban citizens through an open […]

Faraday Motion 3D printed electric skateboard

3D scanner 1
[ezcol_1fifth]  Carlos Torreblanca Contributor  20 July 2015 [/ezcol_1fifth] [ezcol_4fifth_end] The gap of 3D technology 3D printing has become accessible to a very broad community. On the contrary, 3D scanning technology is still addressed to a narrow group of experts. The question is: is there a need for open source 3D scanning […]

The gap of 3D technology

"byflow" foldable 3D printer
[ezcol_1fifth]  Editorial Staff  13 July 2015 [/ezcol_1fifth] [ezcol_4fifth_end] Focus: a portable 3D printer that can print plastic, ceramic, bronze, and even food We have been seeing a lot on the 3D printing market lately. But we haven’t yet seen something like this. Focus is a foldable and multi-material 3D printer created […]

Focus: a portable and multi-material 3D printer

3d printers online store
3D Printers Online Shop, Peter Smith: “Like television and cell phone, in future everyone will have a 3d printer” Among the new technologies available in the field of digital fabrication, 3D printing is certainly the one which attracts people the most. Compared to other CNC machines, it promises to literally […]

3D Printers Online Shop