Timing and pricing for 3D printing

Here you will find an overview of pricing and timing for 3D printing. We can work on unique projects, as well as on small and medium series. When we receive a 3D printing request from you, you will receive a tailor-made offer for your project, and advice on possible solutions to improve and optimize the process.

Starting Cost

Before processing your file, we check it, fix minor issues in accordance with you, we export and set it for the 3D printing process.

Starting costexcl. vat/btwincl. vat/btw
Price per printing plate5 €6.05 €

3D printing time

The 3D printing pricing is based on the time it takes to print the parts, which depends on shape and dimension of the design, material type, and resolution of the 3D print.

The price decreases as time increases, different rates are discussed for jobs that require more than 10 hours of printing time.

3D printing timeexcl. vat/btwincl. vat/btw
First hour15 €18.15 €
Second hour7.5 €9.08 €
Following hours5 €6.05 €

Material: starting from 0,05€ /gram

At PlugnMake FabLab Delft you have many materials to choose from, which are priced per gram. Material’s cost contemplate also possible helpers and supports.

When you deliver your own material, this cost is of course is not contemplated.

Materialexcl. vat/btwincl. vat/btw
Price starting from0.05 €0.06 €

Design / File creation (optional)

If you would like us to develop your project and draw on the computer for you, you could even send us a sketch along with a description.

Design time is charged per quarter of an hour. To directly request a quote that includes file creation, you could submit your files, description and sketches in the quote request form and mention that you need us to draw your parts.

Design/ File creationexcl. vat/btwincl. vat/btw
Price per unit of 15 minutes20.66 €25 €
Price per hour82.65 €100 €

Post Processing (optional)

We can perform many post processing finishing. Depending on the material of the 3D printed part it can be : sanded, stained, painted, polished, chemical smoothed, welded and more. Costs are calculated on demand, so please ask us more information about post processing opportunity when submitting your request.

Rush job (optional)

Delivery time depends not only on complexity and dimension of the job, but also by the already scheduled assignments.

If you have an urgent job, and the material is available, we can re-schedule our jobs in order to process your requests earlier. In this case, 30% increase is applied on the standard price.

The above is true as a general rule applicable to most assignments.

Rush job
Applied on total price+ 30%

Student discount

Students up to 24 years old get 20% discount on 3D printing services for personal projects, material excluded. Remember to take your student card with you when you come to pick your printed parts up, in order to avail yourself of the discount. Student discount does not apply to requests for rush jobs.

Student discount
Applied on price excluding material– 20%

Packaging (optional)

Depending on the size of your parts, we might box them, wrap or collect in paper bags. If you need specific packaging solutions, this may add some costs.

Shipping (optional)

We can arrange shipping in The Netherlands and throughout Europe. If you wish your 3D printed parts to be shipped, please mention it when you contact us for a quote. In this case, packaging and shipping costs will be added according to weight of the package, dimension, destination, and your wished delivery time.