Maker Puzzle Chair

Esther Van der Horst

Maker Puzzle Chair is the first release by “Bits and Parts”, a spin-off from Joris Laarman Lab. You could download this wonderful design at and 3D print it for yourself at home or at the closest FabLab or makerspace around you.
At FabLab Delft we decided to 3D print the chair because we find it a very smart design. It gives people an immediate grasp of what 3D printing can mean. They see that it is much more than a funny/nerdy hobby.
the assembled chair

Puzzle Chair at FabLab Delft

Materials and tools I used:
– 3D printer: RP200E
– Dremel
– Small knifes
– Sanding paper
– Wooden sticks
– 3D pen
– Filament: PLA
We used the RP200E 3D printer to print all the parts of the puzzle chair. They are a lot of pieces, and I really wanted to print everything before the end of my internship and put the chair in our spring window.
PlugnMake window from outside

PlugnMake FabLab Delft’s shop window

So I set the printing quality relatively low. That was not the best idea because the puzzle pieces didn’t fit really precisely. Cutting supports and sanding was a lot of work. While putting the pieces together, some broke down because of the pressure, and I fixed them with a 3D pen. So I recommend you to take the long way and print everything on high quality.
But, in spite of that, I really like the result of the chair. It’s a good model to 3D print and the instructions you get together with the files are very clear. I’m sure that, if you 3D print the pieces at high accuracy, they will fit perfectly, and you will have one of the coolest piece of furniture ever!
3D print and assemble it, here the final chair

Cool, isn’t it?