We are able to deliver events that create memorable impressions while stimulating your attendees with new technologies and their applications.

The constant evolution of digital manufacturing tools is achieving increasingly surprising results. At PlugnMake FabLab Delft we aim to engage people with the nowadays possibilities trough the cutting edge software and equipment we daily use for our projects. With our events, whether they are demonstrations, exhibitions, workshops or talks, it is possible to promote creativity, boost team confidence, as well as create more focused groups of students.

Public events

Companies and institutions can benefit from public events in multiple ways. Catching people’s interest, and letting the spark of the imagination arise will result in added values of products, services, and brands.

We support companies in realizing their sales, marketing, and communication objectives through product presentations, customer days, fairs, and public speeches.

In the same way, institutions can benefit from people’s engagement to deliver their message. You will involve attendees in a live experience through hands-on activities or maybe by giving them the opportunity to win a 3D printer when taking part to your event.

Promotional events

Fairs/Trade shows



Private events

A private event is normally directed to a defined group of people: a group of professionals that wish to explore a specific theme, a company that wants to promote the bond between employees, or also a group of youngsters passionate about technology.

By now, companies look at team building events as an investment, just like for marketing and recruiting, because strengthening the involvement and bonding of employees has a real impact on performance, productivity and, on top of all, on their satisfaction.

Celebrate your children by giving them an experience that they will never forget: during a private party at PlugnMake FabLab Delft they will discover exciting tools and operate them with their hands to make their own creations. Being for a day an inventor in a festively decorated laboratory is the best way to develop a passion for technology!


Professional meetings

Team building events

Private workshops

Kids parties/Kinderfestije

Educational events

PlugnMake FabLab Delft supports schools’ educational activities by providing content and tools. Our lab and workstations are available for student and teacher enrichment’s programs. We support educators by training them on how to integrate project-based learning into their classes.
Would you like to have your tailored workshop/program delivered at your facilities? We can also reach you directly on location with most of our machines. We design learning experiences, not just lectures or speeches. You will find in PlugnMake the right partner to set up an event that will involve your audience and facilitate learning.

Inspirational meetings

Enrichment programs


Summer camps

Why organize an event with PlugnMake?

Surprise your attendees with an unique event.
Step into the future by experiencing and learning digital fabrication possibilities.
Boost relationship with amazing hands-on demonstration

Don’t know exactly how to go about it? Contact us for your questions

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