Seen what is happening around the world, and the uncertainty about the spread trend of coronavirus, we believe we need to be aware of the possible consequences on third parties, especially the weakest categories. PlugnMake is respecting the hygiene and behavioral guidance issued by Dutch government and National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM). Following, the actions we have taken to prevent risks.

PlugnMake policy about coronavirus

More space for your ideas From the 3rd of September PlugnMake’s Open Days on Monday will not be limited to the afternoon time anymore, but they will last the whole day! That means you can come from 9:00 in the morning till 18:00 to get more information and to use our […]

PlugnMake gives more time to your ...

Win a 3d printer - cover
Ter gelegenheid van het initiatief ‘Ontmoet de toekomst‘, verloten we een ERP 200A 3D-printer twv. 395€ onder de bezoekers van onze stand bij het winkelcentrum Dukenburg in Nijmegen! We hebben al ruim een jaar de ERP 200A 3D-printer geadopteerd in FabLab Delft, vooral vanwege zijn flexibiliteit en gebruiksgemak. Hij is […]

Win een 3D printer!

Ontmoet de toekomst - cover
De toekomst van het do-het-zelf is al hier. Kom het mee ontdekken bij het winkelcentrum Dukenburg op zaterdagen 15, 22, 29 september en 13 oktober. Ontmoet de toekomst in Dukenburg! 15, 22, 29 september en 13 oktober Doe-het-digitaal… Zo ben je al in de toekomst! 3D printen, 3D scannen, stickers […]

Ontmoet de Toekomst!

PLUGNMAKE FABLAB DELFT·WEDNESDAY, JULY 25, 2018 María de Eusebio Purpose of the project I made this little project to carry the coffee cups from the machine to our table. Currently I am working in a team with 9 other people, so walking around with 10 cups of drinks can be […]

Laser cut coffee tray

Benieuwd naar hoe je je creatieve ideeen van je hoofd naar de werkelijkheid kunt brengen? Doe met ons mee bij “De Hoven Passage” op zaterdag 10 february en 17 maart tijdens het ‘Future Proof’ evenement! – scroll down for English – PlugnMake FabLab Delft gaat leuke demonostraties en hands-on sessies bieden met […]

‘Future Proof’ in De Hoven Passage

PLUGNMAKE FABLAB DELFT·THURSDAY, JANUARY 18, 2018 María de Eusebio My first steps in laser cutting were moved to make Christmas small figures, after attending the workshop at PlugnMake FabLab Delft. It was a nice way to get a first contact with the machine and the software required to use it. […]

Christmas gifts – my first steps ...

PLUGNMAKE FABLAB DELFT·THURSDAY, JANUARY 18, 2018 Maaike Kok I have finally started printing my first prototype of the wooden block tower (see my former blogs here). Only the three smallest cubes of the block tower (ca. 50x50x50mm, 70x70x70mm and 90x90x90mm) could be printed during this Open Day (within the half […]

Laser cut wooden block tower – ...

PLUGNMAKE FABLAB DELFT·FRIDAY, JANUARY 5, 2018 Mario Francese This morning I found my bike lying on the ground, probably because of the wind (living in the Netherlands it happens quite easily ) and the front light holder was broken. I use the bike on an everyday basis to do my […]

3D printed Bike’s light holder

PLUGNMAKE FABLAB DELFT·THURSDAY, DECEMBER 28, 2017 Maaike Kok The goal of this project is to create a block tower for children, which consist of 6 differently sized cubes. Each cube is built out of five plywood sides, so the cubes function as boxes. The five wooden sides are connected to […]

Laser cut wooden block tower

PLUGNMAKE FABLAB DELFT·TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 21, 2017 Mario Francese Scope of this project was to fix the extruder of one of our printers. Last week I noticed that our orange ERP printer had a small issue on the extruder. The pins that hold the motor in place were broken (probably one […]

3D printed extruder bracket

PLUGNMAKE FABLAB DELFT·WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 8, 2017 Chiara Esposito Scope of this project was to make coat-hangers in the entrance room of my house, where a wall-rack or a standing one would have turned out too bulky. The space is characterized by the wooden balustrade of the stairs coming up from […]

Balustrade Coat-Hanger/Vases

PLUGNMAKE FABLAB DELFT·THURSDAY, JULY 27, 2017 Gerald Wisse I made some tests vector-engraving and cutting 4 different sheets of balsa wood (for building lightweight model-airplanes): Chiara didn’t have still experience in laser cutting balsa, so I had to start testing from scratch. The top sheet is 6 mm thick medium density […]

Laser cutting balsa wood

PLUGNMAKE FABLAB DELFT·THURSDAY, JULY 20, 2017 Chiara Esposito The goal of this project was to give passersby a partial but quick grasp of what goes on at PlugnMake FabLab Delft, even if they might be not that familiar with the concept of FabLab yet. After long yearning, finally summer brought […]

Vinyl cutting for window decals