PlugnMake NL makertour

PlugnMake NL makertour

PlugnMake traveled all around The Netherlands with a quick stop in Belgium as well. We covered more than 3000 km interviewing FabLabs, makers and young entrepreneurs.

Understanding the real potential of digital fabrication, in terms of real economy and opportunities, was the focus of our video interview tour.

The Netherlands looked just the perfect country for our research since they have developed the longest case history in Europe, as for business in the field of digital fabrication.

Interviewing tens among managers of FabLabs, makers and entrepreneurs, we realized that public interest and private business are not necessarily in contrast.

The ideology that almost 10 years ago inflamed the makers movement in Europe is slowly leading to new and sustainable business and entrepreneurial models.

  • Better Future Factory - Rotterdam
  • de-factorij - Eindhoven
  • FabLab013 - Tilburg
  • FabLab Amersfoort
  • FabLab Amsterdam
  • FabLab Arnhem
  • FabLab Maastricht
  • FryskLab - Leeuwarden
  • KaasFabriek FabLab regio Alkmaar
  • miniFabLab Utrecht
  • Multi 3D Print - Haarlem
  • Print 3D Matter - Amsterdam
  • Printed in Space - Amsterdam
  • Printr - Enschede
  • ProtoSpace FabLab Utrecht
  • timelab - Gent
  • Ultimaker - Geldermalsen
  • VormVrij 3D - 's Hertogenbosh
  • ZB45 makerspace - Amsterdam

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