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PlugnMake is an organization focused on enhancing the awareness around the digital fabrication world.

Starting point of our project was the NLmakertour and, now, we are at the point where we want to grow and build an international network, so as to be able to offer a wide and various range of news and opinions.

Our future goals are:

• Keep on publishing original contents;

• Create a section of the website dedicated at news organization;

• Issue a printed version of the magazine to be, initially, distributed in The Hague/Rotterdam region, the Netherlands, where we are based.


Call for Writers

Call for Writers

We are looking for you to contribute to our project with articles related to the digital fabrication world from a social, economic, or technical point of view. You will be credited with your articles as well as with your own blog, in case you have it. Previous similar experience is an asset, but not essential. If you are passionate about our focus and see your role in our project, contact us via our Contributor Application, or at

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Call for Makers

Call for Makers

We would like to collaborate with makers, FabLabs, Makerspaces, eager to share their opinions, experiences and projects. Digital fabrication is a tool, and learning of the countless ways people approach and use it according to their own skills and creativity is an infinite source of inspiration and ideas. If you have a rousing story to share, let us to tell it. You can contact us via our Contributor Application, or at

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 Call for Blogs and Webzine

Call for Blogs and Webzines

Openness and collaboration are the core values pivoting on the sharing philosophy. We strongly believe that the more people contribute to information, the more it improves. That is why we think it could be very constructive to collaborate with realities founded on the same principles, which could mean mutual exchange, translation, or even co-creation of contents. If you also think that both of us could learn and gain from each other, contact us at