Technology Hub 2016

Conference and presentations at 3DPrint Hub


 Editorial Staff

 12 October 2015

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‘Technology Hub’ 2016: the professional event that pushes digital fabrication right into business

7-9 June 2016, the future will show off at Fieramilanocity, Italy. The event aims to spark off business opportunities through 3D printing, drones, robots, and Internet of things.

Conference and presentations at 3DPrint Hub

Conference and presentations at 3DPrint Hub 2015. Photograph: © Senaf

Technology Hub logo

Technology Hub logo. Photograph: © Senaf

After March’s 7,500 visitors and 100 exhibitors, ‘3DPrint Hub renovates and expands itself and, from 7 to 9 June 2016, it will be part of the new and wider ‘Technology Hub’.

The event will host activities from exhibitions, to demos and workshops, through conferences and technical presentations.

Goal of the whole initiative is to connect the entrepreneurial world to future’s technologies, which have become essential for companies to grow.

Aerospace, architecture, furniture, art, construction industry, nautical science, medicine, cosmetics, toys, motorsport and mechanics, automotive engineering, fashion, shoes, and jewelry will all be represented.

Emilio Bianchi, Senaf’s Director, commented:

“The positive results of 3DPrint Hub confirmed the enormous potential that 3D printing offers  to the whole productive world, which is paying more and more attention to the new technological trends.

Technology Hubs is born to satisfy the enterprises’ growing need for information. It has been conceived to be a moment both for formative and commercial exchange, besides representing an opportunity to gather all the innovation sectors in one event.

This would spark a real technological ‘contagion’, from which to infer more effective business solutions.”

Technology Hubs will be characterized by 6 different sectors organized in 6 innovative areas: 3D printing, additive manufacturing, drones, robotics, electronics and the Internet of things.

3DPrint Hub and Additive Manufacturing Hub

3D Printing Growth according to Canalys

2014-2019 3D Printing Growth according to Canalys. Photograph: © Canalys

3D printing has reached the technological level required to be introduced in the production process of small,medium, and large companies.

According to Canalys, The worldwide market for 3D printers, and associated materials and services will reach 5.2 billion US$ by 2015, up from 3.3 billion US$ in 2014, growing 56%.

This is expected to grow further to US$20.2 billion by 2019, with an annual growth rate of 44% from 2014 to 2019.

In this panorama, 3DPrint Hub confirms to be the main Italian event exclusively dedicated to professional 3D printing and will still be an important part of Technology Hub.

It will keep its configuration, flanked by the new Additive Manufacturing Hub, a space entirely dedicated to rapid prototyping and manufacturing.

Here, the latest news in technology, materials, 3D design, as well as legislation will be presented in order to integrate them into the classical production systems.

Drone Hub

Drone over Cape Town Ttadium

A Seeker 400 drone, manufactured by South African company Denel Dynamics, flies over Cape Town Stadium. Photograph: Times Asi on flickr – CC-BY 2.0

During the last years, the drone market has showed very significant results.

Request of purchase and use in the professional environment are growing. Over the next 5 years the world market request is expected to increase of 110%.

A Drone Hub couldn’t be missing at Technology Hub. Thanks to a large flight zone, professionals will be able to meet the several existing kinds of drones: propeller, planar, or hybrid structure ones.

Focus of this area will be the evaluation of the possible usage of drones for business, through the exploration of several sectors: environmental and architectural monitoring, remote sensing, public security, and professional aerial shot.

Robot Hub 

Within Robot Hub, enterprises will meet producers and suppliers of robots, hardware, software, components and accessories.

Nao robo at Jaume University

Nao robo at Jaume I University, Spain. Photograph: Kai Schreiber on WikipediaCC-BY-SA 2.0

It will be an opportunity to improve the growth of robotics by exploiting the full potential of B2B (Business to Business), with a particular focus on collaborative and humanoid robotics.

This is a field that is expanding incredibly quickly, and in which a lot of public initiatives are being promoted.

One of these is ‘Horizon 2020’, a European project, part of the initiatives dedicated to the “smart” growth that will provide about € 6 billion Euros to civil and military robotics.

In January 2015, 74 million euro were assigned to robotics projects for the aerospace industry, agriculture, medical, disaster management, and professional cleaning of large areas such as airports and supermarkets.

Electronics and IoT Hub

Among the new entries, there will also be Electronics and Internet of Things Hub, area that will see suppliers of electronics and solutions for the Internet of things.

This has proven to be a rapidly growing market that has transformed not only the way we work and produce, but also our daily lives.

According to a survey of Milan Polytechnic, the objects connected to the network in Italy were 8,000,000  in 2014, with an increase of 33% compared to 2013. The value of the market reached 1.55 billion €, growing by 28%.

Material Hub 

The choice of materials is also crucial to ensure companies competitiveness and to support product innovation. In Material Hub, nano-materials, eco-materials, and grapheme, will be investigated in order to guide the choice of the best solutions and technologies for innovation.


Global 3D printing market to reach $20.2 billion in 2019 – © Canalys – 14 April 2015

Technology Hub – © Senaf s.r.l.