Makerland: the first European retail maker store

Makerland inside

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 3 August 2015

Makerland: the first European retail store dedicated to the maker world has opened its doors in Italy

Makerland was presented on the 28th July at the Auchan shopping center in Monza, Italy. Sales, consultancy, and a laboratory in one place: the first retail store dedicated to the world of craftsmanship and technology.

Makerland inside

Makerland inside. Source: CC-BY 3.0

The culture of digital craftsmanship, which combines creativity and innovation with the possibility of easily realizing new products, has entered the world of large retailers for the first time.

At Makerland, people won’t only be able to purchase tools, electronic boards, and customizable objects, but they will also receive consultancy service for approaching 3D printing and laser cutting.

Makerland outside

Makerland outside. Source: CC-BY-NC-SA 2.5

Moreover, the store can turn into a laboratory thanks to the flexible spaces and modular furniture designed by dotdotdot.

This will allow Makerland to organize events for children and adults and to become a showcase for projects realized by makers from all over the world.

The project is born of the collaboration of Auchan and Gallerie Commerciali Italia (GCI) with Talent Garden, Sharazad, Opendot lab, and Gummy Industries, reference points and leading players in the world of innovation in Europe.

It aims to popularize the potential of new technologies, such as 3D printing and laser cutting, and to show how they are changing the world of design and craftsmanship, sectors of which Italy has always been on the cutting-edge.

The presence of public institutions

Mayor of Monza at Makerland

Mayor of Monza at Makerland. Source: CC-BY 2.5 IT

During the inauguration of Makerland, representatives of institutions and innovative companies analyzed how traditional and digital craftsmen can collaborate to reinvent the world of commerce through technology:

Maker movement and innovative start-up businesses have multiplied in Brianza. Their protagonists are young innovators, creative talents, and tinkerers who want to do business. Information and IT activities have increased by 42.3% in one year and, in Italy, there are nearly 137,000 cultural and creative companies that have managed to successfully face the economic crisis.Renato Mattioni, General Secretary at the Chamber of Commerce of Monza and Brianza.

Makerland is born of the desire of creating a meeting point for makers, but also for curious people who want to discover the potential of 3D printing and digital craftsmanship. This is one of TAG’s (Talent Garden) first steps in line with the support offered to the digital Made in Italy together with Digital Magics and Tamburi Investment Partners and involving important players such as Auchan. Makerland is going to be the reference point for the spread of the technological culture in craftsmanship.Davide Dattoli, Managing Director and co-founder at Talent Garden.

This initiative is really a countertrend. At the beginning, combining different worlds seemed a very complex idea to me as a viewer. But today, after seeing the realization of Makerland, I think that the gap we have talked about for years finds here an actual example of how to do something very new. Here, we introduce the logic of making. This is really innovation. Aurelio Ravarini, Director of CETIC (Research center of economy, information and communication technology) at Carlo Cattaneo University.

Rushing into such an initiative means going against the flow: nowadays, craftsmen are told to go on the Internet and do e-commerce. Makerland completely changes the vision of making. This store can be of help especially for those who want to live this experience like a moment of visibility and contact with customers. I wish it can become a new distributive model because it’s really different from anything else.Gabriele Ronchini, co-founder and executive director at Digital Magics.

The awareness that digital fabrication can be a resource to relaunch local economies is apparently taking hold.

Our hope is that this is not only a commercial operation, but that institutions will be able to bring entrepreneurship into contact with the local human resources and needs, so as to generate a durable co-operation and really benefit the community.

Translation and adaptation: PlugnMake


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