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PlugnMake for FabLab Amersfoort campaign: “What is a FabLab?”


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FabLabs self-sustainability is a pretty thorny question and it deserves all our attention and participation:

De War, the organization hosting FabLab Amersfoort in The Netherlands, is facing a difficult moment. They are based in an old factory complex owned by the Municipality of Amersfoort, and after working for 4 years with the local government to buy those spaces, they were said “That is not possible”.

Therefore they are launching a campaign to involve the city and the citycouncil and asked PlugnMake to perform a video to sustain and communicate the important role FabLabs are playing in society and the values which FabLab Amersfoort is built on.[/ezcol_2fifth_end]

We would like to mention also that such a video has been made possible also thanks to the spread of contents and materials under CC license and to the shared aims of the FabLab global community.

Enjoy it and pass the word!