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3D Printers Online Shop, Peter Smith: “Like television and cell phone, in future everyone will have a 3d printer”

3D printers online shop

Among the new technologies available in the field of digital fabrication, 3D printing is certainly the one which attracts people the most. Compared to other CNC machines, it promises to literally shape your ideas, and personal 3D printers are getting cheaper and cheaper in spite of the increasing quality.

In this panorama, several 3D printing related activities have sprouted on the web or as physical shops. We had the opportunity to interview Peter Smith, founder of 3D Printers Online Store, to ask him about his business strategy.

Peter, what is your background and how did you end up starting 3D Printers Online Store?

«Hi, Thanks for giving me this opportunity.

I worked in a reputed 3d printer company as sales manager for two years (Feb 2011 to Apr 2013). Later I quit my job and started my own 3d printers online store to offer cheap and best 3d printer for customers».

What is the mission of your company?

«As everyone knows MakerbotCubify and Ultimaker are top brands of desktop 3d printers. But still many 3d printer brands are available with same features at very affordable price. Our team mission is to deliver quality 3d printers to customers at their budget. Some of our best brands are replikeo, 3dstuffmakers, he3d, wanhao, mbot3d

How does your website plan to take a “piece of cake” of the 3D printers market? 

«We are offering 3d printers at more affordable price than online market places like eBayAmazonAliexpress, etc… This makes our “piece of cake” in 3d printers market». 

What kind of business model are you following?

«In our business, both customer and supplier satisfaction is important. We work hard to deliver the best service to our customers and 3d printer manufacturers.»

What do you see in the future of 3D printers and what is the role of your company going to be?

«Like television and cell phone, in future everyone will have a 3d printer. The role of our company will be to make customers to search for 3d printers in “3dprintersonlinestore.com” before searching in Google.»