About PlugnMake

About PlugnMake

Free magazine about the role and future of Digital Fabrication, PlugnMake is a project open to everybody, a white sheet on which to draw with you. We want to keep our followers in the loop by sharing every step of the project. We look forward to questions, opinions and suggestions, because our passion and commitment will not be enough without your contribution.

Meet Our Team!

Carlos Torreblanca

Carlos is a Mechatronic engineer from Guadalajara Mexico. He is currently co-founder of Techmind, a company dedicated to sell innovative technological products. He spends his free time painting illustrations for RPG’s and making 3D printing toys. He also teaches math at a local private school and gives  electronics workshop.

Next One?

We are looking for you to contribute to our project with articles related to the digital fabrication world from a social, economic, or technical point of view. You will be credited with your articles as well as with your own blog, if any. If you are passionate about our focus and see your role in our project, contact us via our Contributor Application.

Jori van der Kolk

Eindhoven, The Netherlands