Stash Box, 3D printed and laser cut

Esther Van der Horst
Hi! My name is Esther, and I’m currently busy with a new project: customized Stash boxes. I design everything myself and then realize them myself at PlugnMake FabLab Delft.
The box itself is made of laser cut and engraved birch plywood, while the inner details are 3D printed in glow in the dark PLA.
fron, back and inside of the stash box

Customized Stash box with frontal drawer. Especially made for Ali.

– PLA (Neutral Glow in the Dark/ Blue Glow in the dark);
– Builder 3D printer;
– 3mm Birch Plywood;
– Laser cutter;
– Wood glue, to put the wooden parts together;
– Elastic and transparent “Polymax crystal”, to glue wood and PLA together;
– Hobby knifes to clean and perfect the prints;
– Sanding paper from 120 to 320 at least;
– Paper painter tape, for the printer’s bed and to mask the wood during laser cutting;
– Elastic robes, to close the box;
– Paper, pens, rulers, ect.
– Tinkercad
– 123D Design (not available anymore)
– Cura
– Nanocad
– Illustrator (for the customized graphics)
– RD Works

So, how do I make them?

1. First, I make a list of my client’s wishes and, from that, I start sketching. Just old fashioned, on paper. Here I puzzle a bit with all is to fit in a box.
2. Then I make a more technical design with all the measures, but still on paper. This makes it easier for me to design in Thinkercad and NanoCad.
3. I start designing the parts to 3D print. Before, I used 123D Design for the 3D designs, but the program is not available anymore. So now I use Tinkercad. I know it’s more intended for children, but I still love working with it for simple geometries. And my boxes are mainly rectangles.
4. When the 3D designs are ready, in NanoCad I realize the technical and detailed design for the wooden parts.
5. When everything is ready, I check that all the parts and joins fit and then I can finally start making.
6. Cura 2.5 is the software I use to slice the 3D models, while the laser cutter at PlugnMake is controlled via free software RDWorks.
7. Then I 3D printed and laser cut. 8. Finally, after a bit of wood sanding, I glue all the parts together and… done!
front back and inside of a stash box with a custom engrave

Stash Box for a great fan of Rick & Morty.

You could discover more about my Stash EshBoxes and future projects by visiting my Esh creations Facebook page.
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