How it works

You are welcome to come, work, and meet fellow makers at FabLab Delft from Monday to Thursday.

For detailed information, scroll down or follow the links here below:

Open Day

Machinery rental

Members & Users

Student discount

Open Day

You could join our Open Days, every Monday from 10.00 till 17.00.

During the Open Day, anybody is welcome to get the know the FabLab, see the machines at work, and inquire about what the possibilities are for you.

Members and users can use all the machines available at FabLab Delft, for free and up to 30 minutes with no reservation.

This is a time which is meant to grant access to the tools and allow you to familiarize with a technique, to experiment on materials and settings, while meeting other people, with whom to share and exchange ideas and knowledge.

Only requirement during the Open Day is that you share with the community, the project you have worked on, the difficulties you have met, and how you have overcome them, so as to enrich and build upon each other’s experience.

Machinery rental

Machines are available for you to rent from Tuesday to Thursday, between 10.00 and 17.00, upon reservation. go to Machines →

In order to use our 3D printers or the laser cutter, the previous attendance of the relative basic workshop is required. During the workshops, not only are generalities about the techniques illustrated, but also the relative software, how our machines work, risks, and behavior in case of fire.

For the 3D scanner and the vinyl cutter, only the first time you use them you start off with a short training about the software and the tool.

Members & users

Members are a real resource for the FabLab. Memberships entitle you to discounts and priority on reservations. Different plans are available in order to give you as more flexibility as possible. go to Memberships →

As a member, you visit and work at FabLab Delft regardless of machinery rental, whether it’s an Open or a regular day.

You may need the machine/s more often, and you are interested into networking and interacting with other fellow makers, designers, or hobbyists. You see advantage, and growth opportunity into sharing, which makes being a member an efficient way to you to hang out at the FabLab, in terms of knowledge and of costs.

As a machine user, you are mainly interested in support, and access to the machines. This means you have attended the basic workshop/s and only visit the FabLab on the Open Day or when you book a machine.

Student discount

As a student, up to 24 year old, you always get 25% discount on services* and machinery rental* for personal projects, and on workshops registrations. Remember to take your valid student cards stating expiration and your date of birth in order to avail yourself of the discount.

*excl. material.