PlugnMake gives more time to your needs

More space for your ideas

From the 3rd of September PlugnMake’s Open Days on Monday will not be limited to the afternoon time anymore, but they will last the whole day!

That means you can come from 9:00 in the morning till 18:00 to get more information and to use our machines without paying any fee*.

Open days are the moments when PlugnMake FabLab Delft open its doors and the lab is accessible to everyone. This is often the magic moment when people first encounter the digital fabrication. They have the opportunity to understand the possibilities that we all have right in our hands nowadays!

With this new schedule, PlugnMake is also ready to invite schools for a ‘digital fabrication tour’ in the lab. Children of different ages will have the opportunity to visit us and have a wide overview on the different technologies you can find in a FabLab. Open Days on Monday morning will the perfect spot for them to organize a visit during the school time and find us totally committed to involve our visitors with explanations and demonstrations.

A FabLab closer to your needs

Bringing people into the lab is a great way to get their interest and let them discover a whole new world. But what we noticed in our daily work is how impactful  taking the FabLab in other locations can be.

An event in a mall, a workshop in a school, as well as a team building seminar: these unexpected, funny or even accidental encounters with the FabLab are really powerful in stimulating people’s interest.

That’s why from now on, we will dedicate Saturdays customer’s requests. The shop will be closed in order to organize your private or public events.

It’s amazing to see igniting sparks in kid’s eyes, especially when they are having fun while learning new things. Children go crazy to celebrate their parties in our lab! From now you can reserve our lab on Saturday for your Kinderfestijes!

What are you still waiting for?




Check out our new opening times,
what’s the moment that fits you the best,
and become yourself part of
the digital fabrication revolution!!!