Better Future Factory - Plastic spiral thread from PET bottles 1
Better Future Factory, Jonas Martens: “Doing things about sustainability, circular economy, that’s what we try to incorporate in everything we do” Watch the full interview →  

Better Future Factory video interview

Printr Enschede, Douwe Bart Mulder: “The market is very scattered, and we’re trying to push for one standard way of communicating with your 3D printer” Watch the full interview →  

Printr video interview

FryskLab truck 1
FryskLab – Bibliotheekservice Fryslân, Jeroen de Boer: “It’s about sharing knowledge and information in order to make people more ready for their future” Watch the full interview →    

FryskLab video interview

Ultimaker 2
Ultimaker, CEO Siert Wijnia: “What we are trying to do is to see whether we can make a viable model in the real world of open source hardware” Watch the full interview →  

Ultimaker video interview

Alex Schaub's bass guitar
FabLab Amsterdam – Waag Society, Alex Schaub: “Digital fabrication is amazing, but what about the old crafts?” Watch the full interview →  

FabLab Amsterdam video interview

"byflow" foldable 3D printer 2
FabLab Maastricht, Frits Hoff: “One of the main opportunities in a FabLab is that you can combine ideas and speed up innovation in an affordable way” Watch the full interview →  

FabLab Maastricht video interview

Questions corner
Timelab Ghent, Eva de Groote: “For us, it’s about designing new systems to organize ourselves, our society, but also our businesses” Watch the full interview →  

Timelab video interview

Laser cut bags 2
de-factorij Eindhoven, Fiona van de Geijn: “I think the most important knowledge is in the people themselves” Watch the full interview →

de-factorij video interview

Bart Bakker's diorama
miniFabLab, Bart Bakker: “The motors […] are individuals, tenacious individuals that want to have a Lab. They don’t bother about business plans, they want a FabLab” Watch the full interview →

Bart Bakker video interview

Flag FabLab013 2
FabLab013 Tilburg, Peter Scheepens and Vera van Duren: “The FabLabs that are going to survive are the ones that have a sustainable business model, not the ones that are only running on subsidies.” Watch the full interview →  

FabLab013 Tilburg video interview

Braided clay bottle
VormVrij, Marlieke Wijnakker and Yao van de Heerik on clay 3D printing: “It is still a craft, not just technology. It is a synergy of creativity and technology.” Watch the full interview →  

VormVrij video interview

Pint3D Matter books
Print3D Matter store in Amsterdam, Henry Stock: “We have a wide range of people that come in to get things made, even just simple everyday things” Watch the full interview →  

Print3D Matter video Interview

3D printed knot
Printed In Space shop in Amsterdam, Erik Swetter: “Designers will have to demonstrate that their designs are more valid and more worth than the ones you find on Thingiverse, for example” Watch the full interview →  

Printed In Space video interview

FabLab Amersfoort work space 1
FabLab Amersfoort, Dirk van Vreeswijk: “People who come here don’t come to us for money. They come to us for knowledge” Watch the full interview →

FabLab Amersfoort video interview

FabLab Arnhem, Sergio Canestrelli: “People are crossing over the borders of different working areas: a designer is no longer a pure designer” Watch the full interview →  

FabLab Arnhem video interview

Peter Troxler - Stadslab Rotterdam 1
Peter Troxler at Stadslab in Rotterdam: “What we actually see is that technology gets into the hand of society” Watch the full interview →

Peter Troxler video interview

Jaap Vermaas - ZB45 Makerspace 1
ZB45 makerspace Amsterdam, Jaap Vermaas: “Now people can see how a FabLab can work, what will bring money and what will not” Watch the full interview →  

ZB45 makerspace video interview